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New Users Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for a certain amount of time?
No, there is no contract or hidden obligations. We run a 30-day rolling contract. We would be sorry to see you go but you are able to cancel at any time should you wish to.
Can I try it before I buy it?
Of course, we charge £1 (+ VAT) to set up a 30 day no-obligation trial. The small transaction will hold your details at Worldpay. We do this so you can pay any labs for cost-of-goods for print services without intervention.
Can someone build a website for me?
Yes, we offer a website design service. We will contact you to find out your individual business requirements and build a totally bespoke website, even search engine optimizing it, ready to be indexed!
Do I have to pay for someone to build my site if I don't want to do it myself
Yes, we charge for custom work required however we will always give you a fixed price before work begins.
Do you offer a search engine optimisation (SEO) service?
We give you all the tools to do this for yourself, however if you don't want to get involved with this side of things we offer a service to help you optimize your website correctly. We will always give you a fixed price before work begins.
Can I use my existing website, rather than building a new one?
Yes, you can easily integrate your existing website, theimagefile has special tools to mirror your external site exactly as well as automatically update when you make changes!
Can I make changes myself to my website through theimagefile?
Yes, you can easily edit the colour, theme, layout and pages within your website.
Do you offer mobile websites?
Yes, we've carefully researched mobile websites to bring you the best experience possible. Every account includes a mobile website that will look and function exactly like your existing website. Customers can view, order and pay for photos straight from their mobile devices.
I have two separate businesses. Can I create two separately branded sales areas or do I need two accounts?
It has become very popular to manage two or more brands to a business. You can run multiple brands within one account. All sales data will be reported in one handy location and all sales will go through the same selected payment providers. Of course, if you do want to keep all account data completely separate too you can create a completely separate secondary account at a discounted rate.
Can I run two complete web sites within one account
Yes. You can run multiple web sites within the one account. We do charge a small hosting fee for additional web sites once the site is live.
How much space do I get?
We have made theimagefile so it can grow and adapt with your business needs. Space provided depends on your account level and varies from 500 images in your sales area to unlimited within the pro-account option. You can upgrade and downgrade your account at any time to suit your business changes.
Can I change my account level?
Of course you can change your account level online with immediate effect at any time, up or down, to suit your business requirements.
Can I password protect my galleries?
Yes, you can password protect any galleries to keep them private for customers. The password is set you so it can mean something to your client by making it more personal.
Can I self fulfil my orders?
Yes. You can have orders sent to you by email. You then fulfil the order and despatch to the customer. We include an order tracking system that emails you if the order has taken longer than expected so you can not forget about orders when you are busy.
Can a lab fulfil my orders?
Yes You can use any lab of your choice, however, our partner labs offer a fully managed end-to-end white-label drop ship service. We understand that different work types need different options so you can use different labs and different price plans on your galleries.
What payment options can I offer my clients?
We have integrated with many direct payment providers. You can use any of these to integrate easy safe and secure online card payments on your galleries. theimagefile does not charge any commission on sales through any of the direct payment options. If you don't want to get involved with that side of things you can use theimagefile Worldpay account for credit and debit card payments on your galleries.
Can I integrate my PayPal account?
Yes. Also, using any of the integrated direct payment providers you will pay zero commission to theimagefile on your sales!
Can I set up offers and specials on my website?
Yes, you can set up multiple discounts on any of your price plans as well as tiered pricing, (price per item drops the more you buy). Also by being a member of theimagefile we offer downloadable page sets to help you run promotions and offers as well.
Can I upload video?
Yes! You can upload video into your web pages, and into sales collections. You can have video for viewing only or offer video download sales. You can also embed video from other sources (like YouTube, Vimeo and Animoto) if you want.
Can I sell photo downloads?
Yes, we have seen a huge increase in digital download sales. You can offer downloads in up to seven automated sizes as well as watermarked and non-watermarked options as well as other virtual items through your price plans.
Do you charge me bandwidth charges on download sales?
No. We do not charge you any bandwidth charges on your downloads.
Can I set up a way for my customers to send me files?
Yes, You can use our visitor upload page to enable uploads of JPG files from your customer to a secure private gallery within your account on theimagefile.
I have tried other options but could never speak to anyone; can I talk to someone if I have a problem?
Of course, we provide email and phone support to all of our customers and have award-winning customer support!
How can I receive updates and news about theimagefile?
You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ as well as following us on our blog News and Stuff. We will also send you email updates and news to keep you informed so that you don't miss a thing!

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