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Photographer websites with no commission charges


You will have multiple direct payment options so your customers can use credit and debit cards and theimagefile will charge no commission on your sales through direct payment.  This makes it a very attractive option for the sale of prints, products and downloads through your web site. If you wish to take secure card payments online, you have two basic options. A Social payment service like PayPal lets you take payments into a PayPal account, which you can then transfer to your own bank. Or you can have an internet payment gateway provider like SagePay, Worldpay, Realex or Authorize which works alongside a merchant account, normally provided by your bank.




The account is easy and free to set up
The seller pays a small fee to securely process payment for goods
You receive the money instantly into your account
The more you sell the smaller the commission
Logo branded payment page
Downloadable Transaction History
The buyer will not be charged to use PayPal unless it involves currency conversion.
Buyers may directly enter credit/debit card details or use their own PayPal account

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This is the same system that theimagefile uses for our own online payments. If you have your own Worldpay account, it can replace ours as a payment method for your customers.

Worldpay provide reliable and secure merchant services to businesses across a vast landscape of industries. Worldpay is the UK and Europe's number one card payment processor.

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No tie-in contracts
No set-up fee, percentage fees or annual charges
Personalised payment pages
Accepts credit/debit cards
Different usage plans available


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No set-up fee
Monthly charge/number of transactions
Accepts credit/debit cards
Self branded payment page

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Takes credit and debit cards
Accepts international transactions
Self branded payment page
View transactions, reports and statements within the account

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If you do not want to set up any of your own direct payment options, you can still accept online payment using credit and debit cards via our merchant account — but those purchases WILL incur a charge.