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Photographer: Leslie Garland
Collection: Somerset
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West facade of Wells Cathedral, Wells, Somerset, England, UK. A

church dedicated to St Andrew was founded by King Ine circa 705, but the present cathedral was commenced under Bishop Reginald in 1180. The west front was designed by Thomas Norreys and built in the period 1229-1249 for Bishop Jocelin, though the two towers, designed by William de Wynford were added later by Bishops Harewell and Bubwith. The architectural style is pure Early English. There were originally over 400 sculpted figures on the facade. Nearly 300 remain and are the finest collection of medieval sculpture in England.
Keywords: English religion religious Christian Christianity stone building decoration decorated ornate stonework sculpture sculptural sculpted figures early architecture architectural style perpendicular towers angle buttresses Chapter House tall large big beautiful fantastic wonderful grand fairy tale old ancient medieval lgpl

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