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As a boudoir photographer, you would specialise in producing naturally sensual images of mainly, women, in various different styles and poses. Some photographers choose to also offer a couples boudoir session which is becoming more popular. Boudoir photography is also a great complementary service to offer if you specialise in wedding photography and maternity photography. 



  • Pin-Up Style

This has become an increasingly popular boudoir style in recent years, especially with the popularity of vintage fashion and beauty styles on the rise again. This style of boudoir photography is a great choice for fans of the retro style. It generally has a very specific outfit and hair style as well as makeup look. Most photographers who use this boudoir style choose to use plain backgrounds in various colours as well as retro-inspired props. 

  • Artistic Nudes

This style is designed to show the naked body as a work of art. It involves the client being completely nude using little eye contact so that the photographer has a chance to play with light and shape. 

  • Fashion Boudoir

Think La Senza or Victoria Secret when it comes to looking for inspiration. This style of boudoir photography tends to include more eye contact and be more brazen, styled and posed than the other styles mentioned above. 

  • "Getting Ready" Boudoir Style

"Getting ready" boudoir photography tends to play on the idea of voyeurism. The idea is to capture the client in a natural setting and show the more sensual side of getting ready or getting undressed. You want to convey the idea that someone has just walked in on the client. 

  • Bridal Boudoir Shoots

This is a really popular choice for the newly engaged and many boudoir and wedding photographers now offer this service. A bridal boudoir shoot is a chance for the bride-to-be to have images taken of herself in her wedding lingerie, garter, shoes, stockings, veil etc. It is also a great gift idea for the husband-to-be. 

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  • Your aim is to provide sensual, swoon-worthy images that will tantalise not only the client's partner but also give her a major confidence boost. The best way to achieve this is to shoot from the client's point of view. Find out what she likes about herself and what makes her feel self-conscious so that you can work with that information. 
  • Use boudoir photography as a way of showcasing an intimate view of the client's personality and emotion. Allow them to be themselves and capture snippets of their natural habits. For example, the way she brushes her hair away from her face, the way she moves, how she looks away from the camera etc. 
  • Use soft natural light as it is the most flattering light and makes skin look luminous and radiant. 
  • Use arms and legs as a way of adding extra interest to the images. Specific poses with arms and legs are a great way of making the client appear more feminine, balletic and as if you're just stumbled in on her. 
  • Vary your shots to capture all of the client. Use a mix of close-ups to capture facial expressions and details, full-length images and three-quarter length shots. 



Boudoir photographers tend to offer at least three packages for clients to choose from. Many Boudoir sessions start at £250 for one outfit choice and 5 airbrushed images increasing to around £720 for four outfit choices and 20-25 airbrushed images. 

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One of the main reasons a woman won't book a boudoir shoot is because of feeling body conscious. Nobody's perfect, however, that is hard to remember when we're faced with beautiful models and photoshopped images on a daily basis. So be sure to include women of all shapes and sizes in your portfolio and show that no matter what hang ups a prospective client might have, they can all look beautiful in a boudoir shoot. 

Put your prices on your website. It's so important that you set customer's expectations by putting your prices on your website. This doesn't mean you have to put a whole menu of prices but at least give prospective clients a price range or starting price as a courtesy. 

In-person sales tend to be more profitable in general, but are the perfect choice for boudoir clients for a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of people feel uncomfortable having sexy images of themselves available on the internet (even if those images are in a password protected gallery). Secondly, we all have parts of ourselves that we like less than others. If you send an online gallery link to your client, they will automatically focus in on their flaws. If you use in-person sales you have the opportunity to build up a client's confidence and show them what you find beautiful about their images. Lastly, an in-person sale situation gives you a chance to note down image choices and any last minute changes to their album there and then. This cuts down time and gives exceptional service to the client when they have their album in their hands mere weeks after the session. 


Boudoir photography is one of the hardest genres to market. After all, you can't just put a flyer up in your local supermarket! Over recent years social media and email have become increasingly popular advertising platforms with boudoir photographers due to its discrete nature and ability to target specific people. 

Hosting or attending events is another way that many boudoir photographers advertise their genre. Popular events include wedding fairs and ladies nights. 

Many photographers, whether specialising in boudoir or other genres, choose to have postcards printed advertising their business info, description and work examples. These are perfect for displaying in local businesses such as beauty salons, spas etc. This is another chance for you to offer a discount or special offer to potential customers. 

The main holidays for boudoir photographers to remember are Valentine's Day and Christmas. Boudoir shoots are becoming increasingly popular as gifts for partners and therefore is the best time to use all advertising and promotional resources. 



Every year we create a Valentine's Day and Christmas page set. These can easily be customised for boudoir photography and be downloaded in to your website. Page sets are perfect for getting some inspiration for your own discounts or having a ready-made offer ready to go within minutes. 



If you are offering boudoir sessions alongside other photography genres then you will want to consider setting up a separate website for it. Let's be honest - a lot of people consider boudoir images to be on the cusp of porn (despite many photographers now choosing to stay away from nudity and more candid poses), plus boudoir is a genre that does not gel well with other areas of the photographic industry e.g. family portraiture or schools. By displaying your boudoir portfolios on a completely separate website you are less likely to lose your more conservative clients and prospects. 



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