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How EU tax information is used

You account profile asks for a VAT Number. Enter your United Kingdom VAT number or European Union (EU) sales tax registration number. If you do not have one of these numbers, leave the field blank.

Standard EU VAT Rules

Your VAT Number and country-location determine whether Value-Added Tax (VAT) is charged, assuming the seller is using our built-in EU tax handling rules:

Seller is... Buyer is... Tax
Located in the European Union In the same EU country as seller
(Buyer VAT Number does not matter here)
VAT charged
Located in the European Union In different EU country as seller, and:
With valid VAT Number
No VAT charged
(transaction is "zero rated")
Located in the European Union In different EU country as seller, and:
Without VAT Number
VAT charged
Located outside the EU Anywhere No VAT charged
(transaction is "outside the scope")

Entering your country-location and VAT Number is optional, but providing the information allows you to avoid unnecessary tax in the cases listed above. Users without location or tax number are treated as UK non-VAT-registered purchasers.

(Individual image sellers are also able to choose custom tax rules, in which case you may be taxed in a different way than shown above.)

Photographer Accounts

If you subscribe to a monthly service from theimagefile, your monthly subscription may include VAT. theimagefile acts as a VAT-registered EU company based in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Use the table above, treating theimagefile as the "seller" and yourself as the "buyer".

Essentially, if you are an EU VAT-registered business in a different EU country from theimagefile then you may exempt yourself from VAT on your monthly subscription by entering your VAT Number in your profile.

Photographers outside the European Union never owe VAT on their monthly subscription.

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