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Basic Instructions

To find images, simply enter a few keywords into the search engine and click "Search". You will be presented with a list of matching files.

How Search Works

The keywords you enter will match whole words in the image keywords list and caption.

Matching is done using a case insensitive whole word match, with whitespace and punctuation separating whole words. For example, a search for "foo" would match image file "" and would match keywords list "Foo,Bar,Abc". But "foo" will not match caption "food & drink" because only whole words match.

Keywords are stemmed, which means "surf" and "surfing", or "castle" and "castles" are considered the same word.

Keywords are case insensitive. "London", "london", and "LONDON" are all treated the same.

You may also search by aspect ratio, model release, license type, and royalty-free price by using the checkboxes below the keywords input.

Excluding Words

Place a minus sign before a word to exclude it from the search. For example, use "cookies -chocolate" to find all non-chocolate cookies.

By Photographer

To limit your search to a particular photographer, you may enter:

creator:"Full Name"

as a keyword in the search. This will limit your results to only images by that photographer. The syntax must be exactly as shown above, and the name you enter must exactly match the photographer name as he has entered it here. An easier way to search by photographer is to perform some searches by keyword, then view a file by a photographer you like. The photographer name will appear as a hyperlink to the right of the image. You may click that name to do a search on all images by that photographer.

If your only search keyword is creator:"Full Name" then all images by all photographers with that name will be returned. But if you include other keywords, like "Paris creator:"Roger Stills"" then a search will be performed for images matching keyword "Paris", but limited to images uploaded by Roger Stills.

If you are viewing the stock search from a photographer web site, then the photographer may choose to configure the stock search engine to automatically only search that photographer's own images. In this case, the "creator" syntax will not work to bring up images by other photographers.


This search engine does not support phrase searches, Boolean searches, substring searches, or wildcard searches.


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