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New One Collection

This upgrade is free and offers better functionality in every area.

The collection and file edit pages have been redesigned from the ground up to include new and improved tools, better search options, sharing tools, increased SEO and client privacy options. The new user interface now supports all sales (prints, downloads, stock licences) and distribution options all from one collection.

Other benefits include:

Just a few example screenshots

My Images

The My Images page now has customisable folder colours so the most important collections are easily located. The Image search option has been reworked.

Collection - Name tab

Collection details are now held in tabs for easy navigation. Social Sharing has been added to collections.

Collection - Files tab

The files tab can be viewed in list or grid layout. Options for image order. Rollover images for large preview.

Edit File

The edit file page contains social sharing options

Want to try it Out first?

We understand that any change in your workflow can be a worry however, we feel confident that as soon as you start to use it, the workflow will become more intuitive, save you time and help you make more money. The update is irreversible. You can take a look at the interface by logging into our demo account:

  What will happen?

The upgrade is free to all members. The update will move all existing collections to the new collection type with all the sales and payment options, passwords and statistics intact. When you click to update we will run a verification step to highlight the changes. At the bottom of the page, you will see a link to complete the update. There will not be any website downtime and visitors viewing your site or sales area will not be affected in any way.

  Timetable for the upgrade

The upgrade offers better functionality in every area of theimagefile, and all new development and support within the system will only be available on the new user interface. All accounts will be upgraded to the new system by this fall, however you can upgrade now to start taking advantage of the new benefits right away.

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