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Bonus Download

A bonus download is a fantastic tool for maximising sales. If you specialise in event photography, school photography or the like, then it could definitely be a benefit to your business.

The bonus download allows you the maximise your shopping cart spend opportunities by offering buyers a "special deal" of a product with a bonus download of that same image. The benefit of the bonus download is that it is immediate and can be used for printing, online and on social media the file size of the download is up to you!

So when could a bonus download be of used? Let's say you photographed an award ceremony. You could offer the buyer a print for one price and a download for another price or both for a special saver price! This sort of offer entices the buyer to spend that little bit more with the benefit of an additional bonus that can be utilised immediately.

Bonus downloads are set up directly in the sale item of any price plan and work on both self-fulfilled and partner lab fulfilled price plans.

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