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Packages allow you sell a bundle of products together at a set price. Packages are defined alongside Sale Items in a price plan.

Packages are designed to help increase your client sales as well as being a new way to create discounts and offers. The packages feature means that you can now add multiple products into a package which is then offered to buyers at a reduced rate or as a special offer.

Excluded Items

Packages can contain an unlimited number of items and their quantities, with a few exceptions. Packages cannot contain:

In addition, items sold as separate stand-alone product (i.e. "DVD of All Images") can be included in a package, but the buyer won't be prompted to select anything — the product will just be added to the cart automatically at the assigned quantity.

Packages inherit the Item Group and File Limit restrictions of the sale items they contain. When viewing a particular file, a package will be listed in the product dropdown only if that file could be purchased with at least one of the sale items in the package.

Errors and Reporting

The experience of buying a package involves the buyer clicking a button and then being presented with a full screen of all the possible images. The buyer selects N images for each line-item in the package.

If the package doesn't contain any line-items at all, or if they are all per-collection items like a "DVD of All Images", then the buyer has nothing to see or do. This is considered a package error. This also happens if the collection itself does not contain any images, or if existing images cannot be sold due to Item Group limits or file size limits. This can also happen if quantity rules cannot be met, such as a package of "10 digital downloads" but the collection has only 4 images.

When a package error happens, the system decides how to handle it. For certain simple errors, like "collection has no images" or "package contains no line-items", we just present the buyer with the full error message. For more complex errors, like "package lists 10 downloads but only 9 images available", we don't expect the buyer to understand that... and we expect the photographer might actually want to take action to save the sale. In this case, we show a very basic error to the buyer "internal problem with this package; try again tomorrow". We then write out a longer detailed explanation to show to the photographer. If we detect that the photographer is actually the person buying (by evidence of the Edit Helper box being present), then we show this detailed explanation in the footer in wheat colour. Otherwise, we send an email to the photographer explaining the package problem, and then we automatically set that package to "Visibility: Hidden" to avoid future buyers from experiencing that same error (and avoid repeatedly emailing the photographer). In this final case, the photographer should edit his price plan package or collection and take action to allow the package to be purchased successfully. The photographer then must edit the package "Visibility" to make it show normally again.

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