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Writing the copy for your business can be an intimidating prospect. We realise how important your business is to you - it's your passion and livelihood; and you've worked hard to get to this stage in your career. However writing about ourselves or something we are heavily invested in can be a difficult and time consuming process. Your website copy should be much more than just words, it should be text fine tuned to convey your story and vital business information, clearly and quickly to your customer base. That's why we've created the Wordsmith Service.

What's included in the Wordsmith Service?

Once you have signed up for the Wordsmith Service we will send you a online form asking all the questions your copywriter needs to know. Once you have submitted that information we can get started.

The Wordsmith Service always includes:

Additional pages can be added as a fee-per-page option for Services or Packages, Frequently asked questions and answers pages, the Customer Experience, Policies, Workshops and Mentoring, as well as anything else you would like to include.

The service costs just 30.00 GBP + VAT. Additional pages by quotation.

Lost for words?

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