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Making your email address a link on your web page

You can display your email address in many places on your website. This might be on a contact page, your about page or in the header or footer so it displays on every page. Writing your email address will make the page display the email address but the visitor would need to copy this to their email client to send you an email. Not an easy way of enabling customer contact.

It is also really easy to make the email address into a hyperlink. This would mean that your site visitor could click on the email address and it would open their email client (like outlook or gmail) with your email address already populated in the "to" field, making it super-easy for them to contact you. Here is how:

  1. Within the text editor write the text you want to display on the page. This can show your email address like "" or could be a phrase like "You can Email Me from here".

  2. Highlight the words that you want to be the clickable link and press the link tool

  3. In the Link properties box that opens, select "Link Type" - Email

  4. Enter the email address you want your messages sent to in the EMail address field. The other fields are optional, but adding a subject can be useful if you wanted to filter your email messages and want all customer contacts to stand out; also, customers can change the subject and body text so it should not be completely relied upon. Click "OK" .

  5. Save the page and view the page as a visitor to test.

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