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How to install and edit a Page Set

What is a page set?

A page set is a page or a number of pages that you can click to automatically add to your website. The pages are copied to your web site hosted in theimagefile "as-is" but you can edit them to suit your own needs, add more content or delete page parts or all of it at any time. Using page sets means you can add pages to your website really easily. The page set might be a seasonal offer or a page set to promote a work type, or service.

How to add a page set

To add a page set you just need to click a link. Depending on the page set, you may be asked a number of questions first. Follow the details in the "What's in the page set" section below to make best use of this feature. When completed, just click the next button to add the page set to your pages ready for you to view, and edit as required to suit your own style and offering. If the page set is a stack page the internal pages can be added re-arranged or removed. It's up to you!


Click here to view the bare page set (opens in new window).
Note - This will display the bare pages. When the page set is displayed on your website the page styling (fonts, colours etc) will come from your site.

Install the page set now

Click here to add the Mothers Day page (you can connect the buy now buttons to the links in your shop price list (see notes below).


You can download an example price list to your price plans by clicking this link: copy "Advanced - Mothers Day Offer" from our starter plans

To re-arrange the page content or remove an option from the stack page just go to the editing page My Websites > Main > Pages > Edit Web Pages and use the drop down list to re-order. You can also add your own pages to the stack. To remove a page option select [none].

How to add a Call-to-Action button (CTA) to your web pages

All pages are optimised for desktop and mobile display.

You can change the page position of the page set by editing the display order number of the page set stack page at My Websites > Pages > Edit Web Pages

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