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How to add a "Buy Now" button to a web page

You can add Buy Now buttons to any rich text editor. To do this you will need a button (free buttons available to download) to add to your site saved as an image and a price list ( click to add an example shop price plan to your Price Plans Manager). Setting up a Shop price plan will provide you with one-click links to any products or for products within a normal (print and product) price plan you can create 1-click links to add a products directly to the shopping cart.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will assume you have created a shop price plan and have a Buy Now button sat on your desktop at the size and style you want to display on your web site.

UPDATE - The new "Simple Button" makes this easier, faster and better. See the help article here: How to add a Call-to-Action button (CTA) to your web pages

  1. Upload your Buy Now button to the My Websites > Main > Pages > Images for Text Editor
  2. Within the text editor of your web page add the button to the desired position on your page
  3. Copy the URL of the one-click link of the product you are selling (if you have lots of these to add it can help having the price plan available in a different window/screen)
  4. Back on the web page, select the button image by clicking it , then click the link icon:
  5. Paste in the copied Buy Now link:
  6. Click OK then save the changes to your page.

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