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Website Building Service

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Website building is not for everyone. This service gives you the freedom to provide your content for an initial web site build. One of our designers will contact you by 'phone to understand the objectives of the site and give you information of what content you should get ready your website pages. Once you have supplied the content they will create your site for you, submit the site to the search engines to start getting indexed and give you a short tutorial on how to keep your site updated for when you want to make changes. You are able to continue taking great pictures and building your business while your website is built for you.

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How it works

The initial step is supplying our designers with a few details. Don't worry! It's just a quick chat on the phone nothing too complicated which gives us the chance to get to know you and your business a bit better. Then we can get to work; building the site, search engine optimize the pages and submit the site to be indexed by the search engines. You won't feel out of the loop at any point during the design process as we will keep in regular contact. When everything is complete we'll give you a short tutorial on how you can make changes as your business grows and develops and how to update your photos and information for the future.

This is a great opportunity to get a hassle-free, fully working website that allows you and your business to achieve, while allowing you to carry on with what you do best- taking great pictures.

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