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Setting up a Shop price plan

Using the "shop" price plan you can sell items, any items, not related to a photo. You add the items to the price plan together with a price, description and (optional) product image and visitors are able to purchase directly from the price list. This is great for sales of vouchers, booking fees, additional non-photo products, or anything else you wish to sell on-line.

How to create a shop price plan

To create a shop price plan, go to My Sales > Price Plans. In the dropdown, choose "Create a: shop plan for vouchers, bookings non-photo sales" and click the button to create New Price Plan.


You can set up shipping with Fixed Price Shipping charges or By-Weight Shipping Charges

Sale Items

You can add as many products to the page as you want. You can also create more shop price plans if you need to. When you need more space to add more products click Save and more new product spaces will created.

Product Images - If available the larger 420px product images are shown if there are less than 100 products in the price plan and ALL have a minimum size of 420px image. These appear on the "list of products" page and also the dedicated one-product-only page

We support:

in either the Public Description or Private Description. As a special case, if max quantity is 1, then we don't show a quantity input which makes it look better for "Book My Wedding" etc.


Discounts can be added using the Discount tab to increase shopping cart sales or encourage faster checkout

Publishing your Shop Price Plan

Each price plan and every product get a range of friendly URL's:

If you wish to add a link to the complete list of all shop products in the price plan a link is available to copy-n-paste from the "Settings" tab (search on "Price Plan URL"). This can be published in a web page, blog post and social media channels.

After saving the price plan you can copy special links to copy-n-paste by returning to the "Sale Items" tab. Under each product information there are two links. The info link will show one product per page, including a buy button. The Buy Now link creates an "Instant Purchase" by placing the item directly into the shopping cart . If the final word of the URL "" is followed by a number the URL will add that number into the shopping cart quantity field.

Add the link to your website

Each item can be linked to directly from a web page, email or social media. You can also add a link to the complete price plan too.To add link to your website at theimagefile use the My Websites > Main > Customise Design > Navigation Menu > Manage Nav Items > Add link to URL or find out How to add a Call-to-Action button (CTA) to your web pages

Customer Payments

All shop price plans use your default Payment option set at: My Images > Collection and File Defaults > Collection Defaults.

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