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How to add a "Recent Posts" widget to your website

Go to and if needed create an account - this is a free service provided by Google. Then add your wordpress feed address. This is your blog URL followed by a forward slash then "feed":

Add your feed title (anything) and click Next.

You will now see your feed URL - dont worry you dont need that for anything for this project. Click to skip to the feed management page.

Click the Publicize tab.

1. Select BuzzBoost
2. Edit your setting settings (or copy these ones
3. Select "Activate"

Click in the code box and copy (right click and copy or Cmd or CTRL + C to your clipboard

Go to your account on theimagefile
Navigate to: My Websites > Customise Design > Site Footer

1. Click your cursor into the text editor
2. click the "Image" icon

Select to Choose from the Library

1 Give the widget a name
2 Paste in the HTML code
3 Click "Add Widget"

Scroll back to the bottom of the library and you will find a new widget image (the first one). Click it.

You will see the widget icon in the preview box surrounded by Latin text - click "OK"

The feedburner widget icon now shows in the site footer text editor. Move it to the desired place. Click Save All.

The blog posts now display in the site footer

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