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AutoPlaying issues on iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Safari

Modern mobiles and tablets often won't autoplay music and video-with-sound. This includes Android mobiles and both iPhone and iPad. These devices require a "touch" event to begin any audio playback. These policies change over time — for example, iPhone/iPad recently began allowing autoplay of videos, but only if they're muted. Your own experience may be different if you've customised settings or use an older device.

As of summer 2018, the latest versions of the Chrome desktop browser and Mac Safari browser also won't autoplay music and videos-with-sound in many cases. The policy is less strict and more nuanced with these desktop browsers — they generally only require that the website have been "interacted with" (something, anything, clicked upon) at some point in the browsing session.

Key points:

Special cases: you may create a single web page contains multiple videos or slideshows (i.e. a Stack Page). Multiple slideshows can be playing at the same time, but only one background music track can play at once — the other slideshows will show as muted, and clicking to start their music tracks will first stop the current music. Furthermore, any video playing anywhere on the page will temporarily suspend background music until the video completes (during this time, slideshow audio controls will be partially greyed out and their mouseover text will mention the video).

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