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WordPress - Getting Started

Create your blog page

The first thing you need to do is to create your blog page. This will automatically create a WordPress blog and set things up ready for you to start using. To create your blog page go to: Control Panel > My Web Site > Create Web Page and click the page title "WordPress blog".

The process can take a few moments, so you will need wait until the success page is displayed. Do not click refresh, or go back in your Internet browser, whilst the page is creating your WordPress account. When it is completed the process you will get a link to start managing your WordPress site. Click that link to start, and you will see a page like this:

1. Click "Admin Login to WordPress" to go directly yo your WordPress Dashboard

2. These are your unique log in details if you need to log in to the admin area from a smart phone, iPad or any other application

3. Select if a link is to be shown on your main site to your blog, what the link title should be and the display order number

4. Your blog site will automatically be given a subdomain so you can start to use it instantly. You can change it to anything you want as long as it is not already in use.

5. Ideally, you should use your own domain name or a subdomain of your own domain name. Here are the details of setting this up with your domain name registrar.

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