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Becoming a Reseller

The reseller option is intended for combined billing of multiple accounts which are all run by different people. In this case, we hide our own charges, so that you, the business owner who pays the bills can charge your own rates to clients.

This option can be used by web designers, marketing consultants, or SEO experts who wish to provide a website along with their existing services.

To simplify the resold accounts, we automatically enable all optional services on resold accounts.

Disk space is the only resource which varies per-account. Therefore, the reseller can designate each resold account as any account level (i.e. an Entry Level Account or Pro Account). Any disk quota over-usage charges on the resold accounts are paid by the reseller.

We will include the charge for any resold account that is more than 20 days old at the time your monthly bill is generated.

You can close (disable) and reactivate your resold accounts at will. If you closes an account right before your bill is generated, we require the account to stay closed for at least 7 days before it can be reactivated.

A reseller must have his own FuturePay agreement before he can create resold accounts.

The resold account does not see a monthly bill, as billing is handled by you.

Apply for a reseller accounts.

Reseller account pricing

Account Level Our Retail Price Your Net Cost
Entry Level 4.99 3.50
Entry Plus 9.99 6.50
Standard 14.99 12.50
Standard Plus 19.99 13.50
Pro 29.99 15.00

(VAT will be added to all prices above.)

Ownership and release of resold accounts

Resold accounts are always created by the reseller. These accounts are under the control of the reseller, even after they are closed (disabled). The reseller has the ability to close and re-activate the accounts.

If a reseller closes an account, the old account owner cannot re-activate by signing up for that account with his old email address. Normal accounts that are disabled by us can be re-activated in that way. However if the account is marked as a resold account, and it is closed and the old owner tries to sign up for it again, he will see an error message telling him to contact his reseller. The reseller will be able to activate the old account via his control panel.

The only way that a resold account can truly break free is if the reseller goes through the "Release Account" workflow. Doing this will convert the resold account into a stand-alone, independent account without a FuturePay agreement.

If the owner of a newly-released account wishes to continue using it, he will need to set up a payment method by creating his own FuturePay agreement.

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