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The Collection Activity Report

The collection activity report shows the full activity details of that collection. The date it was created, modified, last viewed and the total number of views at each thumbnail size. It shows the sales obtained from that collection, this links through to which images we sold and if you follow the links even which products were purchased. You can view the entire collection report from the top level folder, and if you have sub collections within that top-level collection view activity just on the selected sub-collections. A link to download a comprehensive CSV report showing all items sold, with the dates, customers name and email details, useful for accounting purposes is also available.

You may schedule a collection activity report to be emailed to you on a future date. Reports are sent on Tuesday mornings (GMT). You may choose between 2 days and 25 months in the future. From this you can see how sales are progressing, the number of image views. Choose the first option, "never", if you do not want to receive an emailed report.

Add any comment you wish to enter (up to 64 characters). This comment will be included with the emailed collection activity report. This can be useful if you wish to take a collection off-line after a set period.

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