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Custom Marketing Opt-In Question

Your website's standard contact forms have a dropdown "Marketing Opt-In" allowing you to optionally prompt visitors on whether to receive marketing emails (see My Websites > Main > Pages > Edit Web Pages). Under GDPR, a visitor sending you a message through your contact form automatically grants implicit permissions for you to handle that particular message, but you do not necessarily have rights to send later marketing emails. The "Marketing Opt-In" feature allows you to place a standard checkbox at the very bottom of the form like this:

Note: GDPR requires this checkbox to be unticked by default.
Use this "Marketing Opt-In" setting: Checkbox "Send me offers and updates"


You can also declare that all responses will automatically opt in to marketing. This is intended for use with dedicated contact forms whose sole purpose, and obvious declared purpose, is to collect email addresses for future marketing-type emails, like this:

Request email notifications of updates (optional):
Note: an unticked "Send me offers" here would be confusing and unnecessary
Use this "Marketing Opt-In" setting: Don't prompt, but record YES opt in


With the Advanced Contact form and Contract Agreement pages, you can define your own form elements, including checkboxes, radio button sets, select controls, and so on. You may wish to designate one of these 20 existing Input Fields as handling the opt-in / opt-out choice. To do so, simply set "Marketing Opt-In" to point to the given Input Field in the 1..20 range. Then design your custom Input Field so that a blank response (i.e. unticked checkbox) or response containing the word "no" means to Opt Out. Any other response is interpreted as "Opt In". Examples:

[_] Send me offers
[x] No thanks

[_] Send me offers
[x] No thanks

[_] Send me offers
[x] No thanks

[_] Send me offers

Your custom input must not grant permissions by default; always make the "no thanks" option be the default by leading it with "[x]".

Be sure to test some responses before going live to ensure that permissions are being recorded as you expect.

Bulk Downloading Data

From each contact form, you may download the CSV of responses. Each line in the CSV contains a field "i_policy" with one of these values:


This allows you to gather all responses from one particular contact form and organise them by visitor contact preference.

You may also bulk download all emails across your entire business at Tools > Marketing > Email Export Tool. There, website contact form submissions can only be included if you choose "All collections" in the collections filter. There you can also customise your results based on opt in policy.

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