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EXIF data fields used in Lightroom

Setting EXIF data using batch command processing in Lightroom can save time and improve your work flow. Note that theimagefile imports certain data fields from the meta data however all data fields remain attached to your original uploaded file, so adding more details, for example your copyright info, may also be relevant.

Using EXIF data, you can batch manage the following:

How to set EXIF data in Lightroom

Being able to set data in in the IPTC fields makes it easy to add captions keywords as well is directing your images to specified folders during the upload process. First, if appropriate add your captions and keywords, then select the IPTC option from the meta data drop-down menu.

Set the collection for file import

When importing files from your FTP holding area into your My Images area, you are asked to select a destination collection. You may choose the special destination collection option named "All Top-Level Collections * Auto-Sort by IPTC". You must first create the collection within your my images area on theimagefile. In the IPTC editing panel in Lightroom, add the collection name to the "Job Identifier" field.

Create Sub collections if required

If you are uploading files and wishing to display in sub collections theimagefile can create and name the sub collections for you from the data in the IPTC of the files using the "Other Categories" field. The screenshot below would add any images into a new sub-collection called one within a top-level collection called Bardsley. If the sub collection did not already exist, the system will create one during the file import.

Upload to theimagefile using Lightroom Export

Make sure you have "All Metadata" selected in your export options.

See Upload from Lightroom (FTP).

In summary

Test File

If you wish to try things out you may download this test file. Then create a Corporate Clients collection named "Import Test". First, do not edit or change anything on the file in Lightroom, just run through the work flow above to FTP import the file. The file should auto import into the new collection creating a sub folder called "NEW" and make this test file act as the collection Gallery Image. The file should have a caption of "Winter Warmer", and keywords of: here, KEYWORDS, test. The filename should have changed to remove the prefix of 00tif1_ and the access to the top-level collection should have been set up for and an email will have been despatched to that address advising of the new image.

Once you seen and tested this file - try it with your own or edit the meta data on the test file. You can always download the test file again if you need to start over.

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