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Using your own domain name with LCN -lowcostnames

If you own a domain name, you could use it to for your galleries and web site on theimagefile. Alternatively if you have your own web site already, you can integrate theimagefile to use a sub-domain of your domain name (for example images.your-domain.tld). A sub-domain is the part that precedes your-domain.tld — www is a common subdomain.

To make this work, you configure "DNS" through your domain name registrar. This is usually the company you used to register your domain name. This is done using a CNAME record.

www     CNAME

Additionally you can also point your domain name to work without using the "www." part. To do this set up an "A" record field to IP address: Please note that this will ONLY work if you have set up the CNAME record. It can take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to take effect.

Most domain name registrars will have detailed instructions to help you on their web sites. Note that you still use LCN's nameservers (sometimes referred to as NS1 and NS2 servers).

Configuring your domain registrar to use your custom domain name

Now that the registrars section is complete, you need to add your domain name, all in lowercase, (without the http:// part) to the hostnames administration page on theimagefile. It will not work if you fail to complete this final step.


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