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Lightroom 101 - the complete course

Lightroom 101 - Pt1 of 6 - Importing into Lightroom

The hardest part of learning Lightroom is getting images into the Library. It's the most basic and fundamental step in your photo workflow, so getting it right is essential. In the Webinar we'll look at how to import images and how to make sure Lightroom keeps track of them.

Lightroom 101 - Pt2 of 6 - Organising in Lightroom

Catalogues and Collections Once you've imported some images, it's time to start making Lightroom work for you. We'll look at how to make use of the collections feature of Lightroom and learn how to search in a collection to find that perfect photo.

Lightroom 101 - Pt3 of 6 - Exporting out of Lightroom

Before too long you'll want to get your photos out of Lightroom and onto your galleries on theimagefile. Lightroom has an excellent export option which can be set up to suit your needs. Presented by Gavin Hoey.

Lightroom 101 - Pt4 of 6 - Basics of Develop

The develop module is the powerhouse of Lightroom and it's the place you'll spend most of your time. In this Webinar we'll look at all the "Basic" tools, what do they do and when should you use them. Presented by Gavin Hoey.

Lightroom 101 - Pt5 of 6 - Local Adjustments and Cropping

Local Adjustments and Cropping Lightroom has some powerful local adjustment tools which allow you to darken and lighten certain parts of the photo. Not only that but you can add or remove colour, sharpen or soften parts of the photo and even crop the photo or remove dust spots. We'll look at all this and more. Presented by Gavin Hoey.

Lightroom 101 - Pt6 of 6 - Deeper into Develop

Once you've mastered the basic develop tools you're ready to move on to the reset of the develop module. From noise reduction to split toning, there's a lot to look at and learn. Presented by Gavin Hoey.

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