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Photoshop Action to create an Image Text Banner

We often get asked how to create a text image banner like the ones displayed in this screenshot on the right. These are very popular if you are uploading images to assist visitors with navigation. Here is a downloadable photoshop action you can try out. You are free to edit the action as you wish. Please note that theimagefile help desk are unable to support third part software.

First, download the Photoshop Action file, unzip it and save it to your desktop. The load it into your Actions palette in Photoshop (see Load a Photoshop Action).

How to use the Action

Create the image

Change the Text

Change the Banner

Once you are happy with the changes go to File > Save for Web & Devices (see Save images "optimised for web" for display on your web pages) - now upload your new images to your web site pages.

More downloads are available from the downloadable resources collection.

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