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The Slideshow (Autoviewer) Page Type

This help article describes how to use, and set up the Slideshow (Autoviewer) Page Type.

This page contains up to 50 images displayed as a slideshow across the page. The size of the display area is customisable, and can optionally be set to use the entire full screen (examples below); no page header, logo, or navigation menu is shown on the full screen version. Using the Rich Text Editor you can also add text and web page images, as well as include a form for password entry to events and galleries, a log in area for corporate client collections or a keyword image search box for your stock collections.

Viewing the tutorial below will explain some of the options when creating a Slideshow (Autoviewer) page for your web site. However, this tutorial is not meant to be in any way prescriptive on how your web site should look, merely guide you through the steps of basic set-up so you can input your own creativity and flair into the design, make your web site, interesting, unique, visually exciting, well optimised for search engines but remain attractive to your visitors.


Here is an example of a full screen version of the Slideshow (Autoviewer) page — click on it to view the actual page in a new window.

The following screen shot shows the editing page of all settings in our example page.

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