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Recorded webinar - What's in the bag?

With Focus on Imaging coming up, now is the time to make sure you have what you need to see you through the year. What equipment should you be taking with you on your shoot? What is essential as a job-saver, and what is there because its a "nice-to-have" just in case. Karl Stancliffe from Camera Confidence takes the lid off the box and shares his own equipment list and back up options.


There is a lot of data, names and model numbers of equipment listed in this webinar; to help follow it all without taking notes, camera confidence have kindly created a PDF document of the slides used during the presentation. This includes the names of the products the model numbers and all other details that you see during the webinar. The PDF document also contains a list of all manufacturers mentioned, including links to their manufacturers websites on page nineteen. You can download the PDF document (8.5 MB) by clicking the image below.

Download the PDF from Camera confidence (8.5 MB)

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