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Price Plans :: Copy lab-fulfill plans to self-fulfill plans

Sometimes you want to add your own self-fulfilled items to a price plan but still want to include a lot of products from a partner lab. In these circumstances you can convert a copy of your lab-fulfilled price plan to a self-fulfilled price plan. Just follow the instructions on screen selecting your options for shipping charges and customer cropping. When you have completed the steps you will have a new price plan with the same products, descriptions and product images as the price plan you had before prefixed with "Copy of"; the big difference is that this copy price plan is self-fulfillment rather than lab-fulfillment. You can create as many as you wish, and as the price plan is self-fulfillment you can add any products you wish to these price plans - however the complete price plan is now self-fulfill (i.e. you will need to manage the complete order printing and delivery). Remember, you might want to edit the shipping charges to manage the shipping from multiple fulfillment centres.

Selling downloads from this sort of price plan

You can sell downloads with automated fulfillment from this sort of price plan in the same way as selling downloads from any other Events and Galleries collection self-fulfilled price plan.

What happens when orders go through using this type of price plan

When a customer places an order, there will be no automated interaction with the lab. The orders, images, cost-of-goods funds transfer with the lab are all to be handled directly between you and the lab. Our partner labs work in different ways; some labs accept an email with download links, other labs require you to upload the images through their own web site and place and pay for the order on-line. theimagefile system will not have notified the lab about the order or made the files available to the lab for download.

How to download files from an order

As long as you have uploaded high resolution files to theimagefile we provide the files needed to fulfil the order as a download link in your order email. If you have retained the customer cropping tools in your copy price plan the images will all be print ready. However, if you have uploaded lower resolution files you will need to source your original files, making them print ready and upload them to the lab of your choice for fulfilment. If you have not included customer cropping in your price plan but have uploaded high resolution files you can download any file from your collections by visiting the download link in the footer of the edit file page.

How much will the lab charge for the products if I order direct

All cost-of-goods charges should be the same as if the order was being processed as a fullfulment order. Remember you might need to adjust shipping charges to manage products being delivered from multiple fulfillment centres.

Contacting the lab with any questions

If you have any questions about products or fulfillment in general you will need to speak to the lab concerned directly. For contact details just use the search help box above and enter the lab name.

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