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Using the Widget Library

Widgets are implemented in a very similar way to How to Add Images to a Text Editor, but are a way to embed HTML code into the text areas (Using the Rich Text Editor) of our web site.

To set up a widget:

What are widgets

Well they are not essential to use in your web site but using in moderation one or two widgets in your web site can help add a bit of current interactivity to your site, as well as enabling you to add functionality to your site. Some examples of a widget would include:

Setting up a widget - step by step

In this example we set up a PayPal "Pay now" button.

What have I done wrong?

If you see your web page with the placeholder rather than the widget displayed then you are viewing theimagefile under theimagefile domain name.

When viewing under your own direct hosted domain name the widget will be displayed as expected.


Widget Resources
How to find the widget embed code for a You Tube Video
How to find the widget embed code for Google Maps

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