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We have supplied all the tools required for you to make sure your website is GDPR compliant.

You should:

Create a page type called "The Privacy Page" for you to add to your website should you need to. This contains a privacy policy that is compliant with GDPR including cookie policies for visitor cookies generated by theimagefile. You may also add your own custom text and images above and below the standard privacy page content for any additional terms and conditions, refunds or returns policies. This page can be added to the footer of your website or linked from the contact page. You can use it on your website hosted here on theimagefile, your sales area, or link to this page from your externally hosted website. To create the page go to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page >> Others >> Privacy Page

Review the section at Control Panel > Tools > Marketing > "GDPR Tools" where you can search based on a customer name or email address for any data held in databases so that you can generate a report, which you can email to the email address or anonymise or delete the personal data from those records. The extensive search includes all contact form submissions, custom proofing page and favourites submissions, sales history, per-collection email records, file download history, collection names, filenames, captions and keywords.

Every contact form has an optional setting (1) "Marketing Opt-In" which has a dropdown of:

The default choice for all new & existing forms is "Don't prompt", so if you want to add the option, just select the appropriate option from the drop-down list..

On the Advanced Contact page and Contract Agreement page, you can also choose a form Input Field to hold a custom permissions control, where we interpret the box being left empty/blank or"no" as Opt Out, all else as Opt In. These advanced options are documented at: Custom Marketing Opt-In Question

From a contact form, you can now click (2):
"CSV: We have saved NN form submissions."
to open the view of all submissions as a table or download a CSV. A new field "i_policy" exists on every submission with values:

i_policy = 2 Opt In
i_policy = 3 Opt Out
i_policy = 5 Not Asked

From the very bottom of each contact form email sent to you there will show one of these 3 sentences:

GDPR notice: this user has opted in to offers and updates.
GDPR notice: this user has DECLINED offers and updates.
GDPR notice: this user was not prompted for offers and updates.

From Tools > Marketing > Email Export Tool you can now include website contact form submissions as a data source This option is only available when filtering on "All collections".

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