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How to disable PayPal eCheque

The PayPal's eCheque feature allows your customer to transfer money directly from his bank account to your PayPal account. eCheques differ from Instant Bank Transfers, as they are not instant payments.

With eCheque payments, you will typically receive the funds seven to nine working days after payment has been initiated by your customer.

Please note the PayPal interface updates regularly - this was correct on 2018-07-17

You can refuse to accept eCheques from your PayPal account. Log into your PayPal account the home screen select Profile, then 'My Selling Preferences' (on the left) then 'Block Payments' then click "Update" where you will see a tick box to"Block the following payments" to block "pay with eCheques". Save your changes.


Please note you might need to change your account type to a (free) Business account to disable this option.

If you do accept echeques

Ensure payment has been received through your paypal account prior to marking the payment verified.

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