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How to update card details for Worldpay FuturePay system

It will take two minutes....

  1. Log into your account on theimagefile, then follow: My Profile > My Finance Details > My Monthly Bill
  2. Click the link, "enter new card details" then "create a new FuturePay Agreement"
  3. Select the card type you want to use
  4. On the payment page you will see FuturePay Username and password - ignore these and enter your card details below, then "Click to Finish". This will set up a new futurepay agreement using the new details and close the previous agreement, however everything else will remain the same. A debit will only be made if there is a payment due on your account.
  5. Before the transaction is completed you are likely to be presented with one final screen supplied by your bank. This page is sent securely to your browser by your bank and not theimagefile or Worldpay, and is part of the "verified by" scheme that all banks and building societies now subscribe to as a part of their on-line fraud protection. The details you enter to this page are not seen or stored by anyone other than your bank/card company.

If you are still experiencing problems please contact theimagefile help desk for further assistance.

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