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Copy a collection

You can copy a collection. This can be very useful for testing or if you want to give different sales options to a select group.

Go to the collection you wish to copy (Control Panel -> My Images, and click the collection name). Select the Name tab (1). In the collection toolbar, click "Copy" (2).

From the drop-down list, select the location where you want to copy this collection to, and click "Copy Collection".

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Moving or copying a top-level collection to a lower-level collection -- will drop all custom settings found behind the tabs, with all set to "Inherit". Will preserve Name, Description, Admin Comment, Colour.

Moving or copying a lower-level collection to top-level:

  • always preserve Name, Description, Admin Comment, Colour
  • if lower-level settings customised, preserve them
  • otherwise, assign DEFAULT values to each group of settings

Moving or copying lower-level collection to another lower-level collection:

  • always preserve everything

We have five special rules:

  • when copying, any new collection that needs an Access Code will be assigned a fresh unique one
  • if the source collection had its own custom Access Policy (one of Parent Full Access, Parent Preview, Hidden From Parent), we switch that to the source top-level Access Policy (Public, Preview, Private, Verified) when moving/copying the source to its own top-level collection
  • if new destination collection is set to Verified Email, that will override any custom Ask-for-Email setting
  • we always use the same thumbnail size setting for the destination

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