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How to make a screenshot from your computer

Sending a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing helps our support desk to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. Please also include any relevant information for example the collection name, file ID number the price list or discount. This will help us give you a more precise answer first time.

On Mac OS X

Press Command-Shift-3: Will take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop. Then add to the support attachments area when submitting a support form.

On Windows

Press the "Prnt Scrn" (or PRTSC) button. Open your favourite word processing package (like Word) click your cursor in the page area, then CTRL V or right click and "paste".

If you wish to crop the file before you send it just open the file in your favourite image editing software (create new document then paste into it) and crop and save as jpg on quality of about five or six. Then attach the jpg in the same way as above.

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