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The Privacy Page

This help article describes how to use, and set up the Privacy page.

To create the privacy policy page just go to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page, click "Others" and locate the Privacy page. There click "Create Page"

The Privacy page prints out a compliant privacy policy, with your website header at the top and footer below. The policy includes cookie information of any cookies set by theimagefile. If you have added widgets which use cookies or tracking pixels you will need to find out which third-party cookies if any are being set, and add the required cookie information to this page using the available rich text areas. The session cookies set by theimagefile do not require any additional consent however if you do need consent you will find many options like available by searching online.

You can optionally add additional content above and below the privacy statement. This would be useful if you want to add a refunds or returns policy or some terms and conditions.

You can configure the page to automatically be linked from your contact pages, or you can create your own links to it — typically from the Site Footer.

To create the Privacy page go to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page > Others.

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