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Social media is one of the most popular business marketing tools in the world. Thousands of businesses use social media as a way of marketing, advertising and promoting their business, for free, to millions of people at one time. However for many small business owners, or for those that are a little less techy, the idea of starting out on social media can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we've started the Social Media Service. Let's go!

Who can use the Social Media Service?

The Social Media Service is available to all members on theimagefile. We've designed it for those that aren't very tech confident or perhaps just don't have time to set up their social media profiles themselves.

What does this service include?





We can also set up a Google+ account, however Google has been talking for some time about phasing Google+ out of their portfolio so therefore we would recommend focusing on the other channels.

This service also includes up to two revisions of your personal branding and bio sections. Once your social media pages are setup and branded you will receive a basic tutorial on how to use each new social media platform for your business. Finally, you will also receive a step-by- step guide to assist you with adding high-quality content on each social media page so you have interesting new content by the end of week one.

Will you put my social media on my website?

Yes, once your social media profiles are all set up and branded we will add the appropriate social media icons into your website footer, so everything connects. We can also add in a social media feed to your website if you wish so clients can see your social channels are active and busy.

Can I make changes or alterations during the process?

Of course! The service includes up to two revisions of your personal branding and bio sections so that you can make any alterations you need. Once we have completed the set-up you will be able to edit your profiles yourself too!

What happens next?

Once you have instructed us, you will receive a few downloads via email. These will include a basic tutorial on how to use each new social media platform that we have set up for you and a step-by-step guide to producing high-quality content for each social media channel. Follow the details and you will have content on all channels by the end of one week. You will also receive your social media templates so that you can update your cover image, collage pins or marketing boards whenever you wish.

What else do I need to know?

The service costs 120.00 USD regardless of how many social profiles we make. To start, simply click on the button below.

Once your information has been sent through, we will be in touch with you explaining everything you need to know.

Ready to go social?

Let's go!

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