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How to manage a missing or problem order from Photobox

Photobox will do everything they can to make sure your customers receive their prints promptly and in perfect condition. However, things do go wrong and packages can get mislaid during any delivery process.

If you have reason to report an error or missing order please follow these simple steps to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

First find the Photobox order reference number. To do this, within your account on theimagefile, follow Control Panel > Finance > Sales History and click on the order number you need to report.

At the top of the order details you will find a line: "This order is being fulfilled by PhotoBox. Click to check their status." Click that link to get all the Photobox status details.

On the status page we give you all the details that Photobox supply to theimagefile, include their order reference number, order date and shipping date.

Photobox will require their reference number (shown in brackets) to follow up on any enquiry. Likewise, if referring to a particular image you will need to quote the File ID number. This is shown next to the thumbnail when viewing the collection information page (Control Panel > My Images > then click on the collection name) and in all orders and confirmation emails. Photobox will not be able to help you from your jpg filename.

Now that you have their order reference number you should report directly to the support team at photobox. The fastest method for managing this is through their help email system. Click the following link, which will open their help system in a new window:

Fill in the details of the order giving the support team any information required. After you submit the support request ensure you click the button to finish submitting the question.

You will receive email reports on status of your report directly from the Photobox team.

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