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Date Formats

A common question is: "Why does theimagefile present dates in format of yyyy-mm-dd ?"

YYYY-MM-DD is the ISO 8601 international format (it is not the official US format). It fixes the confusion in UK/US dates where MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY can look the same. A date like 01/02/03 is ambiguous, especially on the web with a global audience. That's why we use ISO 8601 dates in GMT wherever possible. It also allows for a fixed-width presentation, is concise, is Y2K compliant, allows for date strings that alpha-sort in time order which is very helpful, and is fully numeric so would not require translation versus something like 13-SEPT-2009. There are good reasons to always use ISO dates over any local format. You can never be sure, but it is assumed that it is the format everyone will switch to in a few years, or at least be very familiar with.

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