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Saved, shared, and reloaded shopping carts

As of February 20, 2017, buyers may "save" their incomplete shopping cart. A button at the bottom of the "View Shopping Basket" page and "Checkout" page offers this functionality. The buyer will be sent a long URL via email which will reload his current shopping cart (including any checkout details like name and address). (Alternately, the buyer can just copy the long URL of the cart, allowing an anonymous save.) The URL allows the buyer to reload his cart later (possibly on another device) and also allows him to share with others. The button looks like this:

Technically, cart data is saved for one year — however, in practice, buyers will want to quickly finish checkout as soon as possible, as the saved cart data does not protect against any changes to pricing, promotions, or image/item availability. If buyers reload a cart that previously contained an image or sale item which is no longer available, then they will see a short warning about the loss, and will be presented with the remainder of their saved cart, minus the unavailable line item.

To encourage the buyer to quickly finish, warnings are shown on the web page:

and in email:

If you wish to hide the invitation to save carts, you may load this custom CSS:

/* hide the "Save Shopping Cart" option during checkout */
.tx1_shop_cart_save { display:none; }

Auto Save

In addition to the explicit save option, once any buyer almost completes the checkout process, his cart will be automatically saved. The URL to restore the shopping cart is made available to the photographer. This allows the photographer to easily help the original buyer to complete or repeat his order. The photographer can find these links within My Sales > Reports > Sales History:

For orders which advance through checkout but never complete (typically due to credit card payment issues), we automatically email the buyer after 24-48 hours to invite them to retry their purchase. Our algorithm will not email about any incomplete order if another order was completed by a buyer with the same email address during the last 5 days, nor will it email about incomplete orders if we detect that the saved shopping cart could no longer be fulfilled as it once was (i.e. images or sale items have since been deleted). When we email a buyer about an old order, we use the branding of the website under which the buyer was originally browsing. As the seller, you can go to My Sales > Reports > Sales History -> "pending and abandoned orders" and see these abandoned orders. At the top of each order (since Feb 20, 2017) you will see the link to reload the shopping cart. You will see if our system has sent the automated reminder email yet, or if it chose not to. If no automated reminder email has been sent, you can send one yourself, and in that case you can customise the text and BCC yourself.

When a photographer sells unpriced items that require a custom quote, the buyer going through the checkout workflow automatically has his cart saved (after entering his name and contact details). The photographer is notified to provide quotes. After receiving quotes, the buyer reloads his shopping cart and can then complete checkout and payment.

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