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Using theimagefile with a mobile broadband dongle

Question: I get 'unable to confirm if I have removed Content Control, as a precaution Content control has blocked access to the site until status has been confirmed' when trying to view theimagefile through my mobile dongle.

The problem you describe is a setting from your broadband dongle provider. You can certainly upload from mobile devices. You will need to either change the content control setting on your dongle or contact your dongle provider to get it changed for you. You wil then be able to view the site and upload as normal.

You might notice that the dongle provider also compresses all images you view in your web pages and collection - this is just to save bandwidth and time as your dongle is likely to have a slower connection than your normal broadband connection. The compression is only in your internet browser and does not effect how others are viewing your images. You can usually reload the image at full quality by holding down your Shift key and pressing F5. This will cause your browser to send a 'no-cache' header — this sends the original, untouched web page back to your browser.

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