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Public Email Header

What is the Public Email Header

The public Email Header is an area you may write some text that will show at the top of every order confirmation email sent to your end-customer. This may include plain text, or may include HTML tags.You may use this area to promote services, discounts, promotions or simply to say "Thank You" to your customers. This is a great to increase on sales, encourage joining on social media, mailing lists or word-of-mouth promotion. The public Email Header is specific to the price plan.

How to add text to a Public Email Header

How to set up an image Public Email Header

How to make the image a link in the Public Email Header (advanced)

It could be useful to link the image to a page or a gallery on your web site or to social media like your Facebook page.

Download some examplesSave images "optimised for web" for display on your web pages

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