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Want to set up your own Worldpay Account?

Please note - Worldpay will not create any more of this account type from 9th April 2018 - exisitn g users of the PAYG account will not be affected.

Using your own Worldpay account can save you a lot of money on your sales. The commission is lower, the funds get paid directly into your regular bank, it is trusted worldwide, and is very simple for customers to use as there is no need for them to create accounts etc - just pay and go.

There are different account types available starting from the online account with a one-time setup fee of just 25.00+vat and a commission of 2.5% of transaction value. This makes it a very attractive option for anyone selling online.

If you would like to know more detail with no commitment, just call Fallon on 0777 162 5900 for immediate help or let us know and we will arrange a call for you.

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