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Show Someone

The show someone feature is a way to let your site visitors do some marketing of a collection for you; allowing your visitors to send e-cards from your site to friends, family, colleagues and associates.

The "show someone" link, if enabled, is displayed under every medium sized thumbnail. The visitor can add their own message and a link back to the collection is automatically added allowing the recipient to view and purchase images from that collection. As the e-card can only be sent by a visitor with access to the collection, the collection password will be embedded in the direct URL (link to the collection) if the collection is password protected.

The recipient will receive the email from the senders email address (please note that we have no way of authenticating the validity of this email address). If you are using CNAME web hosting the link back to the collection will use your domain name. The 140 pixel image shown in the e-card is sent as an in-line attachment.

The Collection Information page has a link labeled "see example" that appears at the end of the Show Someone text. This link takes you (the photographer) directly to a show someone page for one of the images in their collection. This si a great way fo ryou to quickly send your client a branded email to announce the collection being live.

Special rules:

show someone - enabled

The show someone link can be enabled and disabled, collection-by-collection, at any time from the collection information page (Control Panel > My Images > and click on the collection you wish to edit) > Display settings.

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