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Fixed Price Shipping charges

Shipping prices are fixed per order. The prices should cover the minimal cost of you handling the order and shipping a small parcel (i.e. a few prints). Your actual shipping prices may be much higher when bulky items like framed prints or coffee mugs are ordered. To account for those higher per-item shipping charges, simply set the base per-item cost high enough to handle both the physical item cost and the additional cost of shipping each item.

Example: actual product and shipping costs

Line Item Per-Item
Product Cost
Shipping Cost
Total Cost
Base cost

6"x4" print 0.19 0.01 0.20
Coffee mug 4.95 1.95 6.90
Wood Frame 29.99 15.00 44.99

Use the final column, Per-Item Total Cost, in your price plan to account for the extra shipping cost associated with bulky items. Using this method prevents the customer receiving a large shipping charge toward the end of an order.

See also: By-Weight Shipping Charges

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