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International telephone number format

You may enter your Landline Telephone and Mobile Telephone numbers in your Profile.

For certain automation features, such as sending text messages or joining in conference calls, our system needs to be able to convert your phone numbers into a standard international format. The standard international format is, generally, the plus sign "+" followed by your national country code followed by your full phone number with leading zeroes stripped. Here are some examples:

UK +447753455323
USA +14257367709
China +8613133443322
Cuba +53524444444
Philippines +6391933443322
Ethiopia +2519114433222
Spain +346184444444

You do not need to enter your phone numbers in this strict format. All that we ask is that you enter your numbers in a way that can be programmatically converted into the strict international format. For example, if you are based in the United States, which has country code "1", then you could enter your phone number as (425) 882-8080. Our software will strip all non-digits, making that 42588280880. Our software will then see that the resulting number does not start with a "+" or with country code "1", so those elements will be added, making "+14258828080".

There are a few situations where you may need to take extra care in entering your number:

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