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Creating hyperlinks in your web pages or collections

To create a text link first go to the editing page for the web page that you wish to add the link from. You can get to this page by clicking on Edit "page content" in the edit helper box on the page that you wish to edit.

Scroll down to the text editing area and select the text or image or button (see How to Add Images to a Text Editor) that you wish to become a link. In the text formatting tools click the create link icon [a globe with a chain link].

This will open an editing window. Add the URL or path to any one of your pages. (The path to any of your pages is displayed near the top of the editing page - this should be the page that you want to link to. See screen shot at bottom of this page).

Opening links in a new window

By default the link will open in the current browser window, however if you wish to have the link open in a new browser window click on the target tab at the top of the link editing window. Using the target drop down menu you are able to select that the link should open in a New Window (_blank) if required.

Click "OK" in the link window, then "Save All" on the web editing page. You may add as many text links to your pages as required. Text links also help with your search engine optimisation.

Adding a link to a page within your own web site

Select the text to be the hyperlink. Click the "link" icon in the rich text editor, and from the drop down list under "link to a page on this server", select the page you wish to link to. Then click "OK" and Save the page.

Note - When linking to a page within your own site the protocol will automatically change to "other" in the link window. This is correct and should not be changed.

Adding a link to an image collection

To add a link to an image collection simply make a hypertext link to the Direct URL. This will take the visitor directly into the collection negating the password requirement. If you want the visitor to enter the password prior to accessing the collection you should use the More URL's link below the Direct URL and follow the workflow to create the link required.

Adding a link from an image collection

Open the edit collection page (Control Panel > My Images > then click on the collection name) and click to "Use Rich Text" instead of a plain text area in the description box.

The the text you want to display in the description box and highlight the text you wish to be the hypertext link. Then click the Link tool.

If linking to a page on your own web site with theimagefile, select the page from the drop down menu, or, add the URL to an external site in the URL field, then click OK. Now save the collection changes and test.

Adding a link to your telephone number

Using the protocol "tel" and adding your number in the International telephone number format will make your phone number a hyperlink if the visitors browser supports the tel function. This is useful on mobile sites, or if the visitor has skype or other voice over IP telephone application on their computer.

Making your email address a link on your web page
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