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How to notify visitors a collection is available for viewing

If using the "Ask for Email" feature and have received email addresses of visitors awaiting to view a collection here is how to very easily update your prospect customers as soon as the collection is ready to be viewed.

Go to the collection information page (Control Panel > My Images > then click on the collection name). Scroll to the "Ask for Email" tool in the Access Rights and click the link "List Emails".

On the display you have options on how to either send an email through your own email client (like Outlook), or to download a list for using an email marketing tool like ConstantContact ( or Mailchimp (

Sending an email through your own email client

Click the link "this hyperlink" (number 1) to open a window within your own email client. All email recipients should be in the BCC field to keep their email addresses hidden from other recipients. This will not work with some email clients. If it does not you should highlight the list (number 2) of email addresses and copy-and-paste them into the BCC field of a new email opened in your email client.

Downloading a list for sending through an email marketing company

Using the photographers email Export Tool (number 3) you can select and filter the email addresses submitted, then download a CSV file for importing into any good email marketing software.


See also: Request for Notification - Ask for Email feature

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