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Customer Web Pages

Customer web pages provide a personalised, stylised entry point for customers to view their images.

The page is based on a large, centred background image with a few lines of text. The page can link directly to customer images or it can prompt for a collection password. It can also be used for a library entry point prompting for a search term, a Corporate Clients entry point prompting for a user name and password for access to private commercial collections, a link for customer uploads or just a plain text and image page for general use (See examples below).

Follow these simple steps:

Customer web pages are created from My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page

The next step will allow the upload of the image that you wish to use for the page. This must be between 300 and 2000 pixels in each dimension. Due to the shape of (most) computer screens, you will find this more user-friendly if you select an image in landscape format and approximately 900 pixels wide and 600 pixels in height, however for maximum usability you are not restricted to these sizes.

To select the image, click the "Browse" button (or "choose" if using Safari) navigate to the image you have prepared to size and click "Open" at the bottom of the window that has opened. This will add the path to your image ready for uploading.

Then select the colours that you want to use on your web page. If both background and foreground colours are left blank your default colours will be used, however you may select new colours to match the image on the page.

The Page background will surround the image, and also be used for the background of the text panel, which you can adjust the opacity level for to make your text easy to read on top of your selected image (see: Customer web pages - styles for text boxes - text box background opacity).

The foreground colour will be the colours used for your text, and any buttons added by the form fields in the next step.

To select your colours, you may either enter a hexadecimal value for accurate colour selection (see: Selecting a hexadecimal colour in photoshop) or click "pick" and select a colour from the colour swatch.

Click "Next" and you page will be saved and your image uploaded.

The next step is position your text on your image. You may adjust the width of the text box by entering the pixel dimension required, so the text content is "wrapped" to the width you require. The height of the box will vary depending on the quantity of text and styles applied.

You will see a "floating" box on the image that you have uploaded. Drag the box by placing your cursor in the area at the top of the floating box marked "Drag this box". Hold your mouse button down and drag the box to the position that you would like your text to be placed. Alternatively you may enter numeric values for accurate text positioning.

When you are happy with the width of the text box and the text box position, click "Next".

Now enter the text you want on your page.

Providing you are using a JavaScript compliant browser, you will see three WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text boxes will the formatting tools. Enter your text in the boxes provided.

Between the text boxes you will see an "Optional Form" drop down selection box. If required you may select a form from the drop down selection. Forms options are:

At the bottom of the page you may edit the Page Title, and Select an image collection to associate with this web page. This is optional.

You may also select to have your normal web site navigation menu to appear on this page. Typically this is not done for customer web pages. Including your navigation menu will make this page appear more as an integrated part of your site. Not including your navigation menu will make this page appear more as a stand-alone page.

Finally, you may include this page in your navigation menu on your web site. Unless you are building the page as an integrated part of your web site this is not recommended.

Click "Next" to complete the page. You are now able to view the page as it stands, and then if required make any edits to the text, text position, or even upload a new image.

At the bottom of the page you will see the direct URL for this page. Note: If you are using Using direct hosting and have logged into your account through your own web site, the domain name will use your domain name (not theimagefile).

You may want to buy a domain name to lay over the long URL. Simply buy a domain name from opens in new window NamesCo, set up framed forwarding, and enter the URL above as the target of the framed forward. (See Setting up Framed forwarding of your domain name)


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