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How to add buttons to your web site

To add buttons to the navigation of your web pages, follow: My Websites > Main > Customise Design > Navigation Menu > Image Buttons and Text Styles

On this page, you may select some pre-made buttons, or upload your own buttons to theimagefile.

By default, your navigation items will appear as text links. You may upload a button image and a corresponding image which activates when the mouse hovers over it. If present, your navigation items will use these images.

The mouseover image is optional, but if present it should have the same dimensions as the main button.

Note that some long words in menu items will cause the link text to "spill over" the image. When this happens, edit the menu items to use shorter words, or use wider button images, or stop using button images in favour of simple text links.

Button images should be at least 20 pixels high, and between 90 and 200 pixels wide.

Save your changes by clicking "Save All" on the page.

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