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What size image file should I upload

The short answer would be to upload the largest file size that comes from the camera. Uploading this file would mean theimagefile system has the largest file possible to work with for printing, download sales, or client delivery. This is always the best result. The smallest file you can upload will vary depending on what is happening to the files after they have been uploaded.

Some, but not all, of the variables to consider are:

You can search for images in byte size order by clicking the search images button in My Images, and selecting "shorter pixel dimension (smallest first)" from the drop down search filters list.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the files you uploaded are of a sufficient size and quality for the products and print sizes you offer.

Always test...
If the quality of the print or download is not high enough you can change two variables to give the quality you need. One is the number of pixels in the file, and the compression ratio used when saving the jpg. When you have settled on the file pixel dimensions and the compression ratio you should upload all images to that specification.

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